Parents and Families

Counselling for Parents and Families

Are you struggling with being a parent or need some skills to help you have a happier home? Here at Live Well Now we know how stressful and also rewarding being a parent can be. We have the training and experience to help your family be stronger, happier, more resilient and more connected. Some of the concerns we can help with are:

Family Conflict

Have arguments and fighting become a daily occurrence in your home? Children won’t do as they are asked and simple requests become screaming matches leaving you stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted? If any of this sounds like your house then you are not alone. Consulting a qualified psychologist can assist you to identify negative patterns of relating in your home, develop strategies for managing challenging behaviours and better manage your emotions.

Parenting Issues

At Live Well Now we can provide education and support on a variety of parenting issues such as managing children’s behaviour, developmental milestones, coping with challenging children, sibling rivalry, conflict, sleep problems, discipline, relationship problems and many more.

Managing Children’s Behaviour

It can be difficult as a parent to manage some of the more challenging childhood behaviours such as tantrums, hitting, biting, ignoring, swearing, yelling and refusing to do everyday tasks, to name a few. Consulting a psychologist can assist you to understand what your child is trying to say and how to effectively respond.

Surviving the Teenage Years

The teenage years can be a struggle for both parents and teens. If your teenager is driving your crazy or you are worried your teenager might not make it to adulthood, then it might be time to stop struggling and get some help. We can assist families to navigate the pitfalls of adolescence and develop stronger relationships.

Cyber Safety

Many parents find it hard to keep up with the advances in technology. Knowing how to keep your children safe in the cyber world is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of devices and programs children access grows. Cyber bullying, sexting, accessing and sharing pornographic material, unwanted contact and excessive computer use is a growing problem, particularly in early adolescence. So as parents, how do we help our children utilise the benefits of technology while minimising the risk of harm? Consulting a psychologist can assist you to understand the impact of technology on your family, take control and develop safe practices for using technology in your home.

Post Natal Depression

The period after the birth of a child is one of many changes and mixed emotions. For many it is a time of joy, but post natal depression, or the “baby blues”, is far more common than most people believe, affecting one in seven women. Symptoms can include feeling sad a lot of the time, constant worrying, feeling panicky, lack of interest in the baby or other activities, sleeping problems, feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope,  or suicidal thoughts. If you think you may be suffering from post natal depression then it is important to talk to your GP as soon as possible and consider seeing a psychologist to help adjust to parenthood.